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Cover of PE File

PE File Series

The PE file is Portable Executable file in Windows environment. It includes executable (.exe), Dynamic Link Libraries (.dll) and other executable format.  The playlist of PE File series: Introduction of PE file PE Structure (1) PE Structure (2) Section Name […]

Tools in CTF

android emulator Python IDE Jetbrain PyCharm Enviroment Python 3 Python 2 De-compiler De-compiler 1 De-compiler 2 De-compiler 3 .Net framework(Standby) Visual Studio Community VBA (In MIcrosoft Office Document: Alt+F11.) Bindwalk Kali linux(in Linux terminal) Network Analysis WireShark Cryptool Hex […]

What is CTF

Capture the Flag (CTF) is a competition that related to information security where the participants will be test on a various of security challenges like web penetration testing, reverse engineering, cryptography, steganography, pwn and few others more. Participants must get […]