Cover of Blockchain

Blockchain is a system of recording information that have mechanism of protection data integrity which difficult to alter the recorded data.

The playlist of Blockchain series:

  1. Overall of content
  2. What is blockchain?
  3. Centralized System
  4. Decentralized System
  5. Distributed System
  6. Why Blockchain is difficult to be altered?
  7. Blockchain can be altered?
  8. Blockchain’s generation and First generation: Bitcoin and Digital Currencies
  9. Second generation: Smart Contracts
  10. Third generation: The Future
  11. Transaction, block and blockchain
  12. How to keep cryptocurrencies and Hot wallet
  13. Cold Storage
  14. Cryptography in blockchain and Asymmetric key cryptography
  15. Hash function
  16. Digital signature
  17. Nonce
  18. P2P Network
  19. Blockchain Type and Public blockchain
  20. Private blockchain
  21. Consortium blockchain
  22. Consensus mechanisms
  23. Proof-of-Work (POW)
  24. Proof-of-Stake (POS)
  25. Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS)


These videos for knowledge sharing purpose. It does not contain any specific advisory or analysis or assessment or solution in information technology fields (Include but not only for cybersecurity, computer networking, system development, data science, big data and blockchain). If you need any specific advisory or analysis or assessment or solution, please contact your service provider or consultant for your assets and environment.